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Immerse yourself in a unique wine tasting adventure with Undersea, where the ocean becomes your host, turning wine into a living legend. From the historic port of Cartagena, you are invited to sail towards an unprecedented oenological experience: the aging of wine that came from under the sea. Aboard the exclusive boat, you will witness how the magic of the sea transforms wine into an underwater elixir, a tradition revolutionized by serenity and the mystery of the deep sea. With your guided tour at Undersea, you will have a very special opportunity to see the wine aging process up close, a spectacle for those who want to completely immerse themselves in wine culture. In addition to witnessing this fascinating process, you will get to taste these hidden treasures, discovering the origin and the process that turns them into extraordinary delights. Tel: 690 626 579


A new and unique way of experiencing wine in Jumilla, where past and present become one. The museum has the second best exhibition at the national level catalogued in terms of pieces related to viticulture and oenology, a unique museum in Jumilla. Open to the public since September 2018, with a surface area of 1,500 m2, this museum is prestigiously located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Sierra del Carche. It houses the great history of the wine culture of Jumilla, a tour that chronologically, collects each and every one of the tasks and works related to the vine and wine. This way you can appreciate the land and the field, the harvest stage, the entry of the grapes into the winery, the cooperage work, the conservation and the laboratory, all of them necessary to understand the great work that was done and is done to produce the wine from the grape of Jumilla excellence such as La Monastrell. It is always necessary to plan your visit in advance. For more information and reservations: Tel: +34 600 479 005 (Whatsapp available)


Bodegas Bleda located in the picturesque natural setting of Omblancas in Jumilla, is a family winery founded in 1915. This area of the Murcia region boasts some beautiful views over the Cerro del Castillo and the main mountain ranges of area. During your tour of Bodegas Bleda you take a peaceful walk through the vineyard, visit the wine cellar, and get an insight into the different phases of the process in making Jumilla wines. On this fascinating journey, you receive clear explanations along the way from the experienced and friendly staff. To complete your visit, you will enjoy an exquisite wine tasting experience accompanied by local artesan tapas, all in great company of the dedicated team at the bodega. Tel: 968 780 012


Unleash your five senses with a visit to Bodega Madrid Romero, located in a regional park of Jumilla called El Carche Valley, in the Murcia region. Experience the panoramic views of the vineyard and olive groves in this exceptional setting of natural beauty. The fascinating wine tasting tour at Bodega Madrid Romero takes you on a journey through the history of viticulture. You will be shown the modern techniques used in wine production and get an insight into the traditional ageing process in the barrel room. To complete your visit, Bodega Madrid Romero offers a selection of wines to try with some local haute cuisine to enjoy in perfect harmony. Tel: 968 107 122


Bodegas Luzón is a traditional family winery set in the famous wine growing area of Jumilla in the southeast of Spain. Their guided tours offer you an insight into the world of wine, from the history and culture to modern day production techniques. Bodegas Luzón open their doors to all types of wine lovers and those who are simply looking to discover a unique experience. Bodegas Luzón guide you through the wine making process as you walk through the picturesque vineyards and take a look behind the scenes of the winery. The bodega visit is completed with a delightful tasting of their special wines accompanied by a selection of appetizers to complement. Tel: 968 784 135


Bodegas Carchelo can be found in the peaceful countryside of Jumilla, a area of the Murcia region in Spain which has been producing quality wine for centuries. They offer friendly guided wine tours explaining about the vineyards, the land, the vines, and the transformation from the grapes to the bottling of wines and the ageing process. After this enchanting tour you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views whilst tasting their best selection of wines and local delicacies. Bodegas Carcelo make you feel comfortable and welcome, creating a worthwhile and memorable experience. Tel: 968 435 137