guiso de pollo


A typical Christmas dish that is also enjoyed in many homes during the winter. The guiso, meaning stew, is a very tasty broth enriched with mea balls. Other variations of this recipe include just the soup with meatballs, a highly popular dish at festivals.


  • 600g minced beef

  • 4 chicken legs and thighs

  • 30g pine nuts

  • handful of breadcrumbs

  • 4 eggs

  • 2 garlic cloves finely sliced

  • 40g ground almonds

  • 30ml concentrated tomato

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 100ml white wine

  • 50ml cognac

  • chicken stock or water

  • 15ml lemon juice

  • 3 potatoes peeled and roughly chopped

  • pinch of saffron, salt & pepper, fresh parsley, extra virgin olive oil


  • Place the mince meat in a large bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper, the chopped parsley and the eggs. Start mixing until well integrated. Add the pine nuts (reserving part for the stew), a splash of lemon juice and the breadcrumbs. Combine well and form the meatballs with moistened hands. Fry in batches so that they are golden on the outside, without cooking them completely on the inside.

  • Season the chicken, and preferably with the skin on, brown in a large pot or casserole dish with the olive oil. Take out and reserve.

  • Brown the garlic with the almonds in the same oil, adding the remaining pine nuts. When they are golden, making sure they don't burn, add the tomato, the bay leaf and the wine, scraping the bottom of the pan to release a good flavor. Crush with a spatula to break up the sauce a little.

  • Return the chicken to the casserole, adding the cognac and stock or water, without covering completely. Add the saffron and cook for about 10 minutes.

  • Add the chopped potatoes, meatballs and a little more broth. Cover and simmer until the meat is tender and the potatoes are very soft, about 40-45 minutes. Finish with a squeeze of lemon.