In Abarán and on both banks of the Segura River you will find the Region of Murcia’s most fascinating set of traditional waterwheels, or norias, which are still in use today to irrigate orchards. This pleasant pedestrian route known as the Ruta de las Norias, stretches just over one kilometer and runs along a river and a picturesque agricultural landscape in the heart of the Ricote Valley. Along the walking route you will come across the four famous waterwheels, including the Noria Grande located in the Parque de las Norias. This waterwheel which dates back to 1805, was rebuilt in 1951 and is known to be Europe’s largest functioning waterwheel. It is at this waterwheel where the walking route starts and parking can be found at Parque de las Norias, Av. de la Constitución, 30550 Abarán, Murcia.