walking routes


The spectacular Mount Arabí in Yecla is a protected natural space and classified as a Natural Monument of the Region of Murcia, due to its geological landscape and environmental characteristics. There is a fantastic hiking trail starting at the Casa del Guarda, where you can park the car and start your picturesque walking route. From here, you will discover different points of interest ​​clearly marked, such as the Cueva del Tesoro or the Cueva de la Horadada. As an extra surprise, on the slopes of the mountain there are some amazing rock shelters with prehistoric cave paintings, which have been declared a World Heritage Site. The perimeter that surrounds these shelters is fenced, and it is necessary to make a reservation for a guided tour. You can check availability, schedules and rates by calling 968 79 09 01 Monday to Friday from 9am-1pm.


In Abarán and on both banks of the Segura River you will find the Region of Murcia’s most fascinating set of traditional waterwheels, or norias, which are still in use today to irrigate orchards. This pleasant pedestrian route known as the Ruta de las Norias, stretches just over one kilometer and runs along a river and a picturesque agricultural landscape in the heart of the Ricote Valley. Along the walking route you will come across the four famous waterwheels, including the Noria Grande located in the Parque de las Norias. This waterwheel which dates back to 1805, was rebuilt in 1951 and is known to be Europe’s largest functioning waterwheel. It is at this waterwheel where the walking route starts and parking can be found at Parque de las Norias, Av. de la Constitución, 30550 Abarán, Murcia.


The Salto Del Usero is one of the most beautiful and natural wonders in the Murcia region. A magical place where water, vegetation and erosive processes have created an environment with a special atmosphere well worth visiting. Salto Del Usero is located in the town of Bullas, in the bed of the Mula River, where you can bathe in natural pools during the summer months and appreciate the spectacular waterfalls. During the cooler climates, wooden walkways and discovery trails with railings guide you through this hidden paradise on a magnificent walking route.


A few kilometres from the historic town of Aledo, on the southern slopes of the Sierra Espuña, there is an impressive natural canyon known as Estrecho de la Arboleja. It is an enchanting fantasy place hidden in the most remote part of the Murcia region. This natural space, full of charm and beauty, is a small canyon that has been formed over thousands of years where the water has been sculpting the limestone rock. Hundreds of metres in length and between ten and fifteen metres in height, they house small sources of water, spectacular limestone formations and mini lagoons, turning this place into a natural paradise. The walking route through the Estrecho de la Arboleja takes about an hour and there is a parking area with picnic benches.


The Sendero El Valle is a simple walking nature trail, suitable for children, and runs through a magnificent forest style regional park. It is a comfortable and pleasant tour that allows you to soak up all its natural beauty, while learning about the values of its cultural heritage in this spectacular part of the Murcia region. The walking route begins at the El Valle visitors centre where there is ample parking and explanatory signs. As you walk through the enchanting forest, you can take in the delightful scents of pine, rosemary and thyme, come across ravines and a waterfall, and visit the Castillo de la Luz.


The Contraparada walking and cycling route located in the picturesque area of Javali Nuevo, is just under 2km long and starts at the Visitors Centre. From here, you will find all the useful information you need about the route and its surrounding countryside, with signposts to direct you along your way. It runs through an area of high scenic, environmental and historical value, with the River Segura and bird spotting huts being some of the highlights. As you pass over wooden bridges and stroll along riverside pathways, you notice various species of birds, ducks and typical plant life of the Murcian countryside. The Contraparada walking route takes you on a cultural journey through the history of nature and agriculture in the Murcia region, and is popular with school excursions for its many educational elements. Tel: 968 212 518 www.lacontraparadamurcia.es


El Coterillo is a pleasant and simple walking route which takes about an hour at a steady pace. It is a circular path that runs through the beautiful regional park of Salinas de San Pedro, with sea views, picturesque landscapes and an abundance of wildlife to spot on the way. The route begins at the information point and parking area marked El Coterillo, where you first come across a bird watching observatory looking onto a lake. From here you continue as the pathway takes you along the Torre Derribada beach close to the port, before you end back at the car park.