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New walking path opens between Lorca and the Castle

20 march 2023

The Town Hall of Lorca has created a new walking route, 2.3 km long called the Ruta de las Ermitas. It runs from the castle to the Parque de la Mujer, one of the highest points of the city. The final part of the route is only 300 meters long but as its on a steep slope, there is a stairway across the gradient. The path passes the old church of San Lázaro and is also close to that of San Roque, and of course the panoramic views out over Lorca and the Guadalentín valley. The Ruta de las Ermitas provides a picturesque and healthy walking option for residents and visitors alike.

Ayuntamineto Lorca

Cleopatra & Ancient Egypt Exhibition in Cartagena

10 april 2023

A fascinating season of guided tours, exhibitions, and family activities related to Cleopatra and other aspects of Egyptology, is being held this summer in Cartagena. The main highlight will be an exhibition titled Treasures of Egypt, located in the Roman Augusteum Building. It will feature replicas and reproductions of over 100 objects related to ancient Egypt, including the Rosetta Stone, pieces from the Louvre, the British Museum, and the Museum of Cairo. In addition, you will be able to see replicas of funeral treasures of Tutankhamun dating from 2489 BC.
The exhibition is open everyday, except Mondays from 29th March till September.

Cartagena Turismo

Tourists spend the longest breaks in the Murcia Region

10 april 2023

The Region of Murcia proved to be the most popular destination in Spain for international tourists last February. With the average length of stay for travelers being 12.5 days, almost double the national average of 7.5 days.
A total of 41,000 tourists arrived in February spending a staggering 44 million euros. In terms of origin, France proved to be the biggest group of visitors, followed by the United Kingdom with 20,000 tourists, and the Scandinavian countries in third place.

La Verdad